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  • My son just got diagnosed with ASD at the beginning of January 2014. My husband and I were lost. We didn't know where to turn for answers and help. As most people do nowadays, I started searching the Internet trying to find out where I could go for help. I found ASWR and 2 different people to contact and no idea who to talk to. Every emotion going through my head. I called and left a message.

    The next day I received a phone call from Katie. She asked me to tell her about my son. I gave her as much information as I could remember and, every step of the way, she comforted me, let me know that I wasn't alone and gave me tons of information. She told me she'd email me the info the next week and, to my surprise, she actually did. She asked me if I wanted any hard copies, I said yes and she sent me those too (no questions asked).

    I would highly recommend ASWR (and specifically Katie) to anyone I meet whose child has been diagnosed with any form of Autism. What a great program and comfort to know that there is help out there and it's not hard to find.

    Indescribable thanks.

    Mom with 9 year old son on the spectrum

  • I am a single Mom with two children with special needs. My younger one is autistic and I myself having learning difficulties and when my son was diagnosed I just found it all so overwhelming.

    A friend of mine said “you need to connect with Katie (Family Resource Coach) from ASWR”. She has been a God send for me. From the very first day I met her I felt comfortable with her and that is very hard for me I have trust issues. She was able to help me get funding so I could pay for my son’s IBI therapy and she helped me find a speech therapist and whenever I need help filling out paperwork I make an appointment and she fills it out for me. She was able to get me connected with Active Start for my son and we still go every Saturday. Recently Katie has helped me get connected with Big Brothers and she helped me fill out the paperwork once again.

    I do not know what I would do without Katie. Whenever I need resources I email or leave a voice message and she is amazing and comes up with many options. I need things explained to me in simple terms and Katie does that and does not make me feel stupid like other people have. She has provided me with so much information and has a very caring way and a wonderful smile and as so much energy. No question or situation I have talked to her about she has not judged and answers and gives me advice in any way she can.

    It is so nice to know that Katie is only a phone call or email away when I need help finding resources for my son or I need help filling out forms. I am so glad my friend told me about Katie.

    Mom with 6 year old son on the spectrum

  • You gave me a package about Aspergers in the workplace that explains things to employers. It is one of the most accurate and helpful resources I've come across to date and I have given to several other people to give them some perspective when working with me.

    You also directed me to Waterloo Region Family Network (WRFN) and I ended up volunteering with them for 8 months in their LADDER program (designing the programming and then acting as a mentor), which I found very rewarding.

    Individual, 29 years of age

  • Your role for us has definitely been extremely integral as it has been through you we have been linked with many resources in the community that we were not aware with. You are prompt with your responses about subsidies etc. and seem to be extremely knowledgeable about various programs for autism in this community.

    Thanks again for being there for us as we know we can contact you whenever we need information about autism programs.

    Mom of son on the spectrum


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