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I think I/my child may be on the autism spectrum. Where can I get an assessment?

Below are some options for getting an assessment for autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Eligibility and cost varies with each option.

Who can help me to advocate for myself/my child within the school system?

The following agencies/organizations can assist you in navigating the education system and advocating for yourself or your child:

Who can help me/my child with mental health concerns (i.e. anxiety, stress/coping)?

Here are some services in our community that can assist with mental health concerns:

Are there any supports for people who don’t have a diagnosis of ASD yet?

Below are some resources that you may find useful prior to receiving a formal diagnosis of ASD:

See answers to question #3 for mental health supports

What are some sources of funding that I or my family may be eligible for?

*Please note that the Q&A is for general information only and may not pertain to your specific situation. For more detailed and personalized information, please contact the Family Resource Coach directly.